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About New Beginnings

Sola Scriptura“Scripture Alone”

We are a Reformed Baptist, Bible-centered, Bible-teaching church based on Sola Scriptura – Scripture alone.

We are eager to represent God’s image, compassion, and grace in our local community through outreach and discipleship.

We are a reformed tradition church that holds to the 1689 Baptist Confession which is our Statement of Faith. We also hold to the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel . Our worship is a traditional worship, where we gather and sing gospel songs out of hymnals, with occasional Christian contemporary songs. Our music is led by guitar and men of the church. Our service typically has four songs along with a welcoming from the pastor. During the welcoming we go through church announcements, upcoming events, and also have a time for prayer requests.

NBRBC is a membered church of the G3 Church Network .

The preaching is expositional preaching/teaching and starts at the conclusion of the fourth song or after a special song. The preaching time typically is 45-60 minutes. Expositional preaching is defined as the style of preaching/teaching where the context of the Scripture(s) are given in full detail. Simply put, it is explaining in full detail what the Bible is saying.

Our worship service begins at 10:30am and usually ends around 11:45am. This time may change on Sunday’s when we come to the Lord’s table or have a baptismal service. At this time we do not hold a mid-week service. Starting at 9:45am – 10:15am, we hold Bible study, where adults and youth are welcome.

Guests will be greeted with a smile and assisted as needed. You may sit wherever you like, as there is no reserved seating. Our attire ranges from suite and tie, blue jeans and boots, down to work clothes. We only ask that you dress modestly and non-distractingly.

We look forward to seeing you! 

We’d love to have you visit us! In the meantime find out who we are and what we believe.