Plan A Visit

Join us on Sunday morning

We are located at 4434 Seneca Trail S. Ronceverte, West Virginia. Click here for directions.

Adult and King’s Kids class begin at 9:45 AM. Worship Service begins at 10:30 AM.

What To Expect


Our service begins at 10:30am and usually ends around 11:45am. This time may change on gatherings where we come to the Lord’s table or have a baptismal service. Adult Bible class 9:45am. The King’s kids class 9:45am.

When you get here

We will greet you with a smile and assist with any needs to ensure you feel welcomed and comfortable.


You may sit wherever you like, there is no reserved seating.


We consider children a blessing from the Lord. Kids are welcome with their parents in our worship gathering.

Morning Essentials

Forgot your tea? Need a second (third, fourth+) cup of coffee? We’ve got you (and the kids) covered with a modest array of refreshments. These are located in our fellowship room, which is located downstairs.


Our attire ranges from suit and tie to blue jeans and boots all the way down to work clothes. We only ask that you dress modestly and non-distractingly.


Our worship style leans toward the traditional with gospel songs sung from hymnals. The songs are accompanied by guitar and led by men of the church.

Order of worship

Our typical service is structured like this –

  • A general time of worship, including a welcoming, several hymns, church announcements, and upcoming events
  • Prayer requests and a time of prayer
  • Expositional preaching (typically 50 minutes) during which the context of the Scripture(s) are explored in full detail.

If you have additional questions we’d love to hear from you through our contact form. We look forward to seeing you!